The graphs feature is accessed by clicking a link.

The graph page is contextual, and will either present data about all authors contributing to a repo or, if accessed from a user centric page, the graphs for all projects a single user has contributed to across an entire organization. If accessed from Repos and the "Graph Selected" button after selecting multiple repositories, multiple repositories will be graphed against each other.


Example 1: Commits over Time

Example 2: Days Activity per week, per Repo

Example 3: Team Member Activity In A CS Project Course, By Team And Author


The graph system is powered by Plotly, and will show statistics from within the selected time range. Clicking on the legend can disable some statistics, and zooming in is possible by drawing a rectangle. Hovering will always show detailed information for any data point.

Graphs can be 2D line graphs or scatter plots, or 3D line graphs or scatter plots. Line graphs are shown when the "X" axis is chosen to be "time".

Statistics graphable across any axis include:

  It should be obvious that we can't judge quality of contributions by numbers, but we can be aware of trends. Graphing users against one another helps spot important trends, as can graphing users against one another. A decline in work in one project may imply a user is working on something else.
  When there are too many users to graph, SourceOptics consolidates users with the least commits into a merged user called 'OTHER' for graphing purposes.