Actionable Analysis of your Software Development World

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The most actionable data in your enterprise is going unused. It's your source code history.

SourceOptics provides a 100% free time-series database, scanner, and reporting system for analyzing software development patterns. Once installed, SourceOptics then enables better organizational planning and cost optimization, rewarding of team or individual efforts, elimination of unconscious biases, and more effective hiring.

More Details?

SourceOptics is an Apache2-licensed open-source platform, forged from Michael DeHaan's experience developing Ansible, one of the world's most-contributed-to open source projects. It is developed by Michael and the Computer Science Department at NC State University, as described in Our Story. SourceOptics can be set up in less than 30 minutes, following the instructions in Installation, and upgrades always take just a few minutes.

SourceOptics is unique because it allows querying arbitrary time periods and scans all branches in your development environment -- preventing stats being hidden behind inconsistent branch names, or old statistics getting in the way of answering interesting questions about present day. Additionally, SourceOptics collects an especially rich set of statistics that is continually being expanded upon. SourceOptics can work with any public or private git repository, including GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, or SSH hosted repos. Scans can be easily set up either on a cron schedule or triggered by webhooks.

Example Screenshots

More example screens are available while exploring the user's guide, using the menu on the left. To stay up to date with new features, you can follow @sourceoptics on twitter. To get involved with the project, see Contributing.