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Source Optics answers a wide-variety of actionable source control anthropology questions.

  • What applications or microservices were the most expensive to maintain last quarter?

  • What files/directories do we spend the most time editing?

  • What changes were made in the last two weeks since I was on vacation?

  • What repositories are seeing increasing activity?

  • Where should I hire more developers?

  • Where does a certain user contribute most?

  • Who are the key developers for each repository?

  • Who are the hidden star performers on my teams?

  • How are team dynamics evolving?

  • How many days did everyone work on each project last year?

  • How much mileage are we getting from open source contributions?

  • How well are dependencies maintained?

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Advanced Features

  • Flexible web dashboard with graphical administration

  • Works with any git provider (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc)

  • Horizontally scalable architecture

  • Multi-tenant data model for supporting multiple departments and teams

  • Statistics-friendly JSON REST API

  • Built-in SSH key and password encryption

  • Automatic github org imports for easy setup

  • Query activity over any arbitrary time slice

  • Query stats across all branches

  • CI/CD friendly scanner features webhook support

  • Performance optimized. Tested on long-term software projects with 1000s of contributors and 10+ years of history

  • Multiple detailed graph types

  • Excel-like tabular data views

  • Can explore per-repo trends or just for specific authors or directories

Next Steps

Source Optics is an Apache2 licensed open source project built on Django, PostgreSQL, and Python3.
You can get it installed in less than 30 minutes, following the instructions in our Git Repository.

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